#215 [Talk-25] Getting Started in Fedora QA
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What is your proposal?
It can seem like a daunting task to get started testing Fedora in a helpful way; the people involved can feel so far away over IRC, the meetings too official for a beginner to participate in, and if you do participate, why would you be taken seriously? How would you know what to test, and how to test it? And if you tested something, who would want to know your test results and where would you post them? This talk aims to answer these questions and more and present the ins-and-outs of Fedora testing to beginners and seasoned developers alike. The ideal outcome of this talk is to introduce more users to Fedora testing and the resources and people that can make testing a worthwhile challenge. Participants are asked to bring their computers to follow along with the talk and have a FAS ID.

Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed?
Those new to Fedora, new to QA, those who want to test Fedora to make it a more quality project. Beginners.

Is this a…
25-minute talk

Anything else we need to know?
This is a repeat of a talk I did at DevConf.cz 2019 improved with the feedback I received there.

Who are you?
Geoffrey Marr, FAS: coremodule, IRC: coremodule

I noticed that suprith4989 beat me to it with this talk. I am OK closing this talk request and letting him run his Fedora QA talk. I would be happy to assist him in his talk if he would like! @suprith4989 ?

@coremodule You are always welcome to help. :)

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Hey @coremodule Can I be a co-presenter in this session? Secondary Speaker?

@suprith4989 For the record, suprith4989 will be co-presenting this talk with me. I have already talked with @mattdm to have him added to the agenda.

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