#208 [Talk-25] Stewardship: from idea to productive SIG
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  1. What is your proposal?

This talk would include the idea, creation, and current work of the newly founded Stewardship SIG (*2019, after all):

After submitting my SIG proposal in February 2019, it didn't take long to find interested people, and a productive SIG was born soon. We're now at twelve members, hold regular meetings, maintain 200 packages, and we are generally quite responsive in fixing issues that arise from newly orphaned packages, or even security issues in our package set.

The talk would focus on the current work of the Stewardship SIG, which benefits almost all of fedora, until the problems around modularity and the increasing modularization of packages have been addressed - and probably even beyond that point. This includes taking care of important orphaned packages, and steadily working on improvements and updates for our maintained packages (especially getting the Java stack updated).

  1. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed? This could be the audience you need to reach, other participants in the conversation, or other stakeholders.

Obviously, every user of fedora should be interested in our work :wink: The dependency tree starting from packages that are maintained by our SIG covers a big portion of all fedora packages, after all - including LibreOffice, parts of GNOME, other DEs, etc.

  • Most Active SIG Members: Miro Hrončok (@churchyard), Alexander Scheel (@cipherboy), Jan Staněk (@jstanek)
  • Mikolaj Izdebski (@mizdebsk): original maintainer of a lot of the SIG's packages, and "Java packaging liaison"
  1. Is this a…
  • 25 minute Talk
  1. Anything else we need to know?

Room with Projector would be good. There's some reports and statistics that I could show.

  1. Who are you?
  • Name: Fabio Valentini
  • FAS ID: decathorpe

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