#193 [Talk-50] Fedora RISC-V 64-bit: a three-year long journey
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  1. What is your proposal?

Flock marks three years for Fedora RISC-V 64-bit (riscv64) efforts. August 10, 2016 was the day we could run rpmbuild on riscv64 [0]. We had multiple talks about Fedora and RISC-V in a number of RISC-V Workshops (Europe & Asia) and FOSDEM, but not directly with wider Fedora community. We would like to provide a quick introduction into RISC-V, Fedora RISC-V efforts (past, present and future). Furthermore we would like to gather some feedback on where we should focus the most.

[0] https://rwmj.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/first-successful-rpmbuild-on-risc-v/

  1. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed? This could be the audience you need to reach, other participants in the conversation, or other stakeholders.
  • Anyone interested into RISC-V.
  • Package maintainers who are interested into testing their packages on Fedora/RISCV.
  • Fedora infrastructure people who could help figuring out which are must-have components in Fedora/RISCV infra (e.g. we don't have modules yet).
  1. Is this a…
  • 50 minute Talk

I would target 30 minutes for the talk, 20 minutes for questions, feedback and discussions.

  1. Anything else we need to know?


  1. Who are you?
  • Name: David Abdurachmanov
  • FAS ID: davidlt
  • IRC Nick: davidlt

I am leading Fedora/RISCV efforts and have been working on Fedora + RISC-V for almost 3 years.

This is exciting! A new architecture for Fedora! I'd love to see this talk.

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