#174 [Talk-50] From fedmsg to Fedora Messaging: inter-service messaging in our infrastructure
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The Fedora Infrastructure has many event-driven services and has been using fedmsg, a ZeroMQ based library, to react to events. Last year we wrote Fedora Messaging, an AMQP-based library, and started migrating applications to it. This session will detail the choices we made, the problems we encountered, and their solutions. Topics include:

  • How to pick the right message protocol, and why we went with AMQP
  • How to design a "good message". How to recover when you inevitably don't design a "good message" or when the meaning of the word "good" changes.
  • How to decide on network architectures
  • How to deal with lost messages. Is it bad? Should we care?
  • How we planned migration from fedmsg

At the end of this talk, the audience should be well-equipped to not repeat the mistakes we made and instead go make new and interesting mistakes.
This talk does not require prior knowledge of any message protocols.


  • Aurélien Bompard (abompard)
  • Jeremy Cline (jcline)

This is a 50 minute Talk.

We'll need a videoprojector.

Most of this talk was given at Devconf 2019 in a non-Fedora-specific way, and gathered about 20 people. For Flock we plan on focusing more on the implementation in Fedora Infrastructure.

  • Name: Aurélien Bompard
  • FAS ID: abompard

I'm definitely interested!

For budget reasons I won't be able to attend Flock this year, so I'm cancelling this proposal.

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2 years ago

I'm +1 to this given the last paragraph about focusing it to the Fedora audience (thanks!).

I do think the general version of this talk might be interesting for LISA or another systems adminstration / systems architecture conference. But we missed that CFP. (Maybe https://www.usenix.org/conference/nsdi20/call-for-papers, although that may be highly academic.)

@abompard Let me know if you see another conference you think this might be a good fit for!

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