#172 [Talk-50]: Ansible - Multicultural tool to enable Automation
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What is Ansible?
Why Ansible?
Is really Ansible capable?
How ansible is enabling automation with Ansible tower in entire DevOps cycle.
When we talk about DevOps - Code, Build, Test, Release, Deploy, Operate, Monitor - all these keywords pop in our mind.

In this talk we will talk about things like how tools famous to manage all these keywords like Code - Git, build - maven, test - jenkins, deploy - aws,docker, operate - chef, monitor- nagios,splunk are using ansible to manage the products.

Demos --- How ansible is helping to manage the Windows machine and MacOS. How ansible can help in connecting other API like Gmail and other famous vendors .

Name- Gourav Sharma
FAS ID - ping2gourav

How is this different from #169? I have the same question here -- how is this specifically relevant to the Fedora developer and contributor audience?

For this talk target audience is who already know what is ansible and how it work but i’ll showcase those key points which makes ansible a more powerful tool in market like system roles, deploying your own module, using jinja filters, use of plugins and filters, introduction to networking modules to control your routers and switches. This talk will also share some insights that what companies are looking for and what we are doing for them. For developers this talk is gonna help them to understand the product more in depth and will help them to adopt best practices while working for it.

#169 target the audience who are very much new to automation but for these we will be talking more about the professional or atleast intermediate audience.

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