#163 [Talk-25] Snaps ❤️ Fedora: Fedora ecosystem progress update
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1. What is your proposal?

Since last year, the Snap upstream developers and I have been working to improve the quality of life for Fedora users with snaps.

From security improvements to simple enhancements to improve how snaps integrate with the system, there's been a lot of work specifically to improve how snaps work on Fedora and Enterprise Linux.

This talk will be about describing these improvements and the work in progress for feedback for improvement.

2. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed? This could be the audience you need to reach, other participants in the conversation, or other stakeholders.

List each person by their name and FAS ID, as shown below:



3. Is this a…

  • 25 minute Talk

4. Anything else we need to know?

This involves a slide deck and a demo on a computer, so a projector is needed

5. Who are you?

  • Name: Neal Gompa
  • FAS ID: ngompa
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: Conan_Kudo/Pharaoh_Atem/King_InuYasha/Son_Goku/Eighth_Doctor

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