#156 [Talk-50] Fedora CI and rpminspect
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  1. What is your proposal?

This talk will discuss the Fedora CI project and use the rpminspect tool as an example. It will be about 25% on Fedora CI and 75% on rpminspect, but that's not a hard and fast rule. rpminspect is a new tool being developed to help ensure packaging policy and build reliability. I call rpminspect a "build deviation analysis tool". It checks for policy compliance as well as things like ABI differences. Did new symbols appear in shared libraries? Did any disappear? Do we have all of the hardened options enabled for the build? Are there any unapproved setuid executables? And so on. rpminspect can check a single build or compare one build to another. Developers can run it locally or it can run via Fedora CI and report results that way.


  1. Package maintainers and developers are the main audience. Anyone interested in helping improve the way we keep Fedora reliable and stable. rpminspect is open for contributions and part of the talk will involve explaining how to contribute.

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  • dcantrel
  • tflink
  1. Is this a…

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  • 25/50 minutes: Talk
  1. Anything else we need to know?

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  1. Who are you?
  • Name: David Cantrell
  • FAS ID: dcantrel
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: dcantrell

Are you proposing a 25 or a 50 minute talk?

Would prefer a 50 minute talk.

I want to learn about this, however not sure if I would dedicate 50 minutes, if my schedule is full with other things.

I can do 25 minutes, that's fine. I know there was also some talk of a Fedora CI workshop as well which may be more appropriate for continuation of the presentation and contributions.

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