#148 [Hack-full] Fedora Badges Hackfest
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This year I would like to run a Fedora Badges hackfest to work on various aspects of the sub project. The focus of the hackfest will be the following:

  • Ticket triage/review
  • Update style guide and design resources
  • Update existing documentation
  • Identify and fix published designs that do not adhere to style guide
  • 6-8 month development roadmap for Tahrir
  • Develop proposal for UI/UX internship with specific goals/milestones/mentors

Accomplishing these goals will help improve the Badges Project in the following ways, and in turn help the Fedora Project as a whole:

  • Reduction of open tickets
  • More successful on-boarding/retention
  • Elevate standard of design
  • Identification of milestones that would lead to Outreach intern
  • Long term plan for improvement of UI/UX

The following individuals participation would help make this hackfest a success:

  • jflory
  • tanvi
  • mleonova
  • kylerconway
  • sayan
  • nb
  • churchyard
  • cverna
  • mattdm
  • bex

This is a FAD/Hackfest that lasts a full-day.

This Hackfest has no particular needs beyond A/V.

Please note this hackfest is an abbreviated version of the work/planning done for a Badges hackfest that was not accomplished due to scheduling issues. The layout and planning has been done. Please see the following links for more info.


  • Name: Marie Nordin
  • FAS ID/IRC nick: riecatnor

Sadly, I'm not sure I'll have time to dedicate a full day to this. I might definitively pitch in for a part of that.

I will be a part as long as I am able. A full day is also hard for me. It would be ideal to not schedule this session on the same day as the Fedora Summer Coding Showcase (#141) or D&I Hackfest (#115), but I know not everyone can get what they want.

@riecatnor Maybe it would help to create an agenda for different parts of the hackfest? For example, one part could focus exclusively on design and pull in the designer crowd, while another part could be for developers / sysadmins crowd. This might get the right people together even with busy schedules.

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Even more sadly, I lead 2 hackfests that overlap with this completely.

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