#14 [Workshop] Expert Helpdesk: Module Creation
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Interested in Fedora Modularity, but you don't know where to start? Come to the Modularity Expert Helpdesk. Members of the Modularity Working Group will be on hand to help you get your packages all set up to support module streams and builds.

@sgallagh The CfP Committee likes this concept a lot and would like to see very clear plans for the lessons in the workshop, or perhaps, to see it broken down into a couple of workshops with targeted missions.

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My team is working on materials preparation and should hopefully have some initial plans available this week. CCing @langdon @asamalik

We have just talked about this workshop over IRC and the result is:

We want to do a kind of "technical semi-hands-on BoF" where we would discuss real-life modules people would bring to the table — talking about the modular architecture, best practises, or even corner cases. The goal of this session will be giving people enough confidence to start making alternative versions/streams of packages/modules in Fedora, knowing how to approach common problems (or a new ones we discover), and where to find (or ask for) more info.

As a side goal, we will record all questions and answers, and use that to enhance the Modularity documentation — so that everyone else can benefit from the outcome of this session.

We believe that having this as a scheduled session with all the people in one room would yield better answers and ideas. The goal is not to tell people what to do, but to discuss topics as a group and possibly coming up with new patterns/practises/ideas.


  1. The very basics of module creation — so everyone is on the same page (10 mins).
  2. Discussing real-world scenarios people would bring to the table. (100 mins)
  3. Wrap up, making sure all questions have been recorded— we'd use this later to enhance our documentation. (10 mins)

cc @langdon @sgallagh @psabata

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