#138 [Hack-half] Fedora Internationalization CI and Test cases
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= Questions/Requested Information

  1. What is your proposal?

Be specific about what you want to accomplish, how this helps the project and
the attendees. Review the CFP call (https://flocktofedora.org/#cfp) for details
on what we are looking for.

This is focused hackfest for internationalization group, following are the plans:
Increasing CI test coverage for following packages.
Lohit Fonts, IBus, Langtable, IBus Emoji, LibPinyin, IBus Hangul, Liberation Fonts, harfbuzz, fonttools, fontforge
Fedora I18N TestDay test cases cleanup and adding more test cases.
Review of Fedora 31 change proposal status and brainstorming on change proposals for Fedora 32+.
Open for queries from other flock attendees.

Planning discussions on Team Pagure https://pagure.io/i18n/issue/113

  1. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed? This could be the audience you need to reach, other participants in the conversation, or other stakeholders.

List each person by their name and FAS ID, as shown below:

  • Satyabrata Maitra (smaitra)
  • Pooja Yadav (pyadav)
  • Pravin Satpute (pravins)
  • Jens Peterse (petersen)
  • Vishal Vijayraghavan (vishalvvr)
  • Parag Nemade (pnemade)
  • Sundeep Anand (suanand)
  • Mike Fabian (mfabian)
  • Other interested members are welcome to join it.
  1. Is this a…
  • FAD/Hackfest that lasts a half-day
  1. Anything else we need to know?
    * Room with Projector

  2. Who are you?

  • Name: Pravin Satpute
  • FAS ID: pravins
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID:

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Thanks for accepting hackfest. Confirmed from my side.

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