#131 [Workshop] Packit hackfest
Closed: Resolved 9 months ago by riecatnor. Opened 2 years ago by ttomecek.

1. What is your proposal?

This is a hackfest for:


  • Intro to contributing to packit.
  • We will prepare a set of "good first issues" which attendees may work on.
  • We can also dive deep into existing proposals, architecture and suggestions

Expected outcome:

  • A set of new pull requests contributed during this time.
  • New issues or RFEs.
  • Updates on existing issues or RFEs.

2. Target audience

  • Packit devs
  • Everyone who's interested (ideally people with an understanding of Fedora infra, packaging, RPM & spec files, git, existing upstream devs)

3. Is this a…

  • 2 hours: Hackfest

4. Who are you?

  • Name: Tomas Tomecek
  • FAS ID: ttomecek
  • IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: ttomecek

Are you proposing a workshop or a hackfest?

I updated it to 2hrs workshop.

I'm interested in attending, especially as I've built similar tooling for work, and I'm curious to see how this has developed.

I updated to 2hrs hackfest, so that we don't conflict with our workshop proposal. #123

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