#125 [Talk-50] Fedora and CentOS, better together
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CfP Submission for Flock 2019 is now open

= Instructions

  1. Fill out the issue answering the questions.
  2. Leave the issue public.
  3. Solicit and consider feedback. Don't assume people will just come to this repo - actively solicit feedback!
    If you want to make changes, just edit the initial comment.
    That is what the CfP committee will read.
  4. Submissions will be considered in rounds.
    Submissions not selected in one round continue to the next one.
    Therefore you can keep on iterating :)
    1. Round 1 selection starts on: 1 June 2019
    2. Round 2 selection starts on: 15 June 2019
    3. Final selection starts on: 1 July 2019

= Questions/Requested Information

  1. What is your proposal?

Matthew Miller and Jim Perrin have been working for the last couple years on helping to bring Fedora and CentOS closer together. This talk will cover the how and the why we're doing this, as well as how it benefits both communities.

  1. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed?

Anyone who takes an active role in the Fedora or CentOS communities

List each person by their name and FAS ID, as shown below:

  1. Is this a…
    * 25/50 minutes: Talk

  2. Anything else we need to know?

This talk is to help present the path for the two projects, as viewed by the Matthew and Jim.

  1. Who are you?
  • Name: Jim Perrin and Matthew Miller
  • FAS ID: jperrin and mattdm
  • IRC Nick, Evolution and mattdm

Are you proposing a 25 or a 50 minute talk?

This would be a 50 minute talk.

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