#123 [Workshop] Packit workshop
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1. What is your proposal?

Packit is a tool, a service and a GitHub App for bringing downstream/Fedora closer to upstreams.
Upstream developers might develop a taste for its 'continuous integration' into Fedora, i.e. to continuously ensure that your upstream projects work in Fedora OS.
Downstream maintainers can use its concept of source-git, i.e. working with git commits instead of patches.
There will be a talk from Tomas Tomecek, which will shed a light on basic concepts.
This workshop will help upstream developers and downstream maintainers start using Packit.

2. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed?

3. Is this a…

  • 2 hours: Workshop

4. Anything else we need to know?

  • N/A

5. Who are you?

  • Name: Jiri Popelka
  • FAS ID: jpopelka
  • IRC Nick: jpopelka

Just curious, is this a talk or a workshop? I noticed #131 by @ttomecek is also an introductory workshop on Packit. It wasn't totally clear to me how they are separated but both are interesting to me.

Sorry, updated the other proposal to be a hackfest: this should be an introductory workshop.

I'm interested in attending, especially as I've built similar tooling for work, and I'm curious to see how this has developed.

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