#106 [talk] Technical Writing for Non-Writers
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  1. What’s your proposal?
    You need to write (technical) texts now and then, but are unsure how to structure them, how to phrase your content, or how to best address your readers? This talk shows you how to optimize texts to make them easier to understand (and translate). Get to know universal principles that can be applied to a wide variety of text types - including release notes, bug reports, error messages, or e-mails.

  2. Who in addition to the speaker needs to be in the room for this to succeed?
    * Fedora contributors interested in writing new or improving existing Fedora documentation.
    * Any FOSS contributor interested in writing or improving documentation.
    * (Optionally) Some Fedora community and/or documentation people (bex, jflory7, rkratky, asamalik, …)

  3. Is this a
    * Talk of 60 minutes

  4. Anything else we need to know?
    Even though this talk is about technical writing, it's not a technical talk as in I won't be talking about particular tools or a specific tool chain. Instead, I will introduce universal principles that can be applied to any technical writing.

  5. Who are you?
    * Name: Christoph Wickert
    * FAS ID: cwickert
    * IRC Nick: cwickert

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