#102 [Workshop] What next with spec files?
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The basics of RPM spec files have been unchanged for decades. I want to survey for use cases that no longer fit the traditional model or need new features. We are for now going to focus on larger groups of packages. E.g. packages in a given programming language or packages with a given function like language packs or add-on documentation.

Issue could be
* Difficulties moving from one interpreter version to another
* Supporting multiple versions of a language in parallel
* Not enough flexibility when creating sub packages
* The dependency system not quite cutting it
* ...

Please bring your own group of packages and its issues!

= Audience
* SIGs that have special needs for their packages
* Packagers who know about issues plaguing larger sets of packages

= Workshop of 2 hours
= Needs
* A room layout that facilitates discussion with and within the audience.
* A black board would be nice

= Who are you?
* Name: Florian Festi
* FAS ID: ffesti
* IRC Nick, if not FAS ID: ffesti
* RPM developer

This would definitely be a workshop I want to be a part of!

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