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Note: I've realized too late about the call to bid and I'm about to travel to Cuba this days and I'll have very bad Internet connection. I'm drafting here the basics of the bid but take account that it's really not finished yet. In any case there is plenty of information at the GUADEC 2018 Bid. I would love to have the opportunity to finish this Flock proposal.

In order to suggest a city for Flock 2018, please answer the following questions:

  1. What city are your proposing?

    Answer: Almería, Spain

  2. What dates are your proposing? We encourage you to consider dates
    at the begining of August.

    Answer: Final dates need to be agreed but in July for sure. No dates available for August. As a first proposal we suggest Jul 16-20. This dates are relevant because Flock could be held in the same place right after GUADEC 2018. GUADEC definitive dates are 6-11th July.

  3. Please provide the FAS ID for two people willing to be local contacts
    and organizers for the conference.


  4. Please price Flights (and trains/buses if appropriate) from the
    following airports/cities. You should provide three prices, the first
    is for a trip from July 30, 2018 - August 4, 2018. The second is
    from August 6 - August 11, 2018. The third is for your proposed dates,
    if they differ.


    • Raleigh, NC USA (RDU)-
      • 1.416,54 €
      • 1.548,80 €
      • 1.590,53 € (tentatively dates: Jul 16-20)
    • Mumbai, India (BOM)
      • 907,80 €
      • 798,98 €
      • 907,80 € (tentatively dates: Jul 16-20)
    • Vienna, Austria (VIE)
      • 335,10 €
      • 335,10 €
      • 327,22 € (tentatively dates: Jul 16-20)
    • Lima, Peru (LIM)
      • 1.257,45 €
      • 986,24 €
      • 1.193,58 € (tentatively dates: Jul 16-20)

    Note: We consider too the potential of charting planes from particular Fedorian dense places (Raleigh, Brno/Prague) flying direct to Almería. More confortable travels and probably cheaper too.

  5. How much is the cost to get from the airport, train station, and
    bus station to the city center and to your suggested venue? What is
    the process?


    • Direct bus from airport to downtown:
      • 1,05€ (1,30€ if you want to take another bus in the next hour)
    • By taxi:
      • Estimate price for city center: 15€
      • Estimate price for University: 15€
    • Note: a direct airport-hotel bus can be chartered too for special arrives (example Fedora charter flights) for 75€ each travel.
  6. Please identify at least one venue (and ideally two or more) that
    has meeting facilities available as shown below. Please provide a
    link to the floor plan of the facility. You do not need to contact
    the facility for pricing at this time.

    • 1 Meeting Room for 200+ people
    • 1 Meeting room for 100+ people
    • 3-4 Meeting rooms for 30+ people

    Our proposal is the campus of the University of Almería. Particularly Building IV and Auditorium. All the requirements and combinations can be host fair enough with plenty more of space available in the same buildings.

    Anexed are the floor plans of auditorium and building-iv.

  7. Price a double occupancy (2 beds) room at your suggested hotels.
    These hotels should be near your suggested venue if your venue is
    not a hotel. Please price the room for the three sets of dates:
    July 30, 2018 - August 4, 2018, from August 6 - August 11, 2018,
    and your proposed dates.

    Answer: We propose two residences:

    • University dormitory a brand new residence in the city with space enough for all the public of a conference:
      • single room: 32.75 € per night, breakfast included
      • twin room: 46.75 € per night, breakfast included
    • Any of the hotels in the zone, particularly any of those 4 stars:

  8. Please determine if a business or tourist visa is required for
    visitors from:


    • European Union (identify exceptions as needed)
      • Spain is member of the European Union so no.
    • USA
      • no
    • India
      • yes
  9. Why should Flock be held in this city? Why is this good for Fedora?
    Why is this good for the attendees? What cultural atractions and
    evening activities are available? Is a city tour possible?


    • Almería is a place blessed with a lovely weather, a non very big city with all full the advantages of a modern European city but with a medium size making it more habitable. The suggested venue is a modern university campus with everything an international conference could need.
    • Our candidacy has recent strong experience in technical and opensource conferences:
    • Being in Andalusia (South Spain) Almería has a nice and particular touristic offerings far from the massive cheap turism of other coast places in Spain (Málaga, Mallorca...). Here you'll find more information about turism potential.
    • The potential of evening and social activities are great too.
  10. Are there any other conferences within a 3 week period of your
    proposed dates? Consider events likely to be attended by high
    numbers of Fedora Contributors, such as Guadec, Akademy, Open Source
    Summit, etc. Are there any local holidays and events in within a 3
    week period of your proposed dates?

    Answer: Yes: GUADEC 2018 will be held in 6-11th July in the same venue. Our wish is to make one event after the other.

  11. Please list two vegetarian restaurants within walking distance of
    the venue.

    Answer: the campus cafeteria and restaurant can provide vegetarian menus too.

  12. How far is the venue from the city center? How far is the venue from
    the "social/hangout" area of town?


    • The university campus is a complete university installation outside the city, about 6 km distance. We provide a direct bus connection to go from the main hotel at the morning and back at evening. The back can be done to the hotel or to city downtown for social activities if desired.
    • The suggested hotels are between 15 or 30 minutes walking from city downtown.


PD: just updated the definitive GUADEC 2018 dates.

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Due to travel, @olea won't complete this until after November 15. He let me know. More details are here, however @olea will collect them into this form to complete the bid.


@olea I need to set this public when your bid is complete. Please update with status ASAP.

@olea I need to set this public when your bid is complete. Please update with status ASAP.


Thanks for your patience.

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Closing as Flock 2018 is now scheduled.

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