#978 Should Fedora 18 Final be released without signed Secure boot support?

Created 4 years ago by jwboyer
Modified 4 years ago

Doing this proactively this time.

Currently we don't have a signed shim available, so our composes will not correctly boot on secure boot enabled machines.

Is this a blocker for Final? See: ​https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=872272

Yes, +1 blocker.

I'm +1 as well.

+1 here as well.

How long are we willing to wait? Indefinitely?

I spoke to the people at Red Hat who are handling the legal issues which are blocking us on this, and they hope to be able to have things resolved ASAP. I believe it is down to a single issue at this point. Once we clear that up, we should be able to move very quickly to implement the signed shim.

Unfortunately, I cannot be more specific than this, nor can I give any sort of exact timetable, but I don't think we're looking at months, probably weeks at the worst.

-1 without some kind of deadline after we release anyway. I have no problem with a short (a few weeks) slippage, but waiting indefinitely = clear -1.

+1 - Red Hat legal is no longer a blocker here, so I don't see any issues in landing this.

Could we close it than?

+1 to making this a blocker.

shim is signed now. closing this.

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