#974 Allow releases on Wed and Thu as well
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= phenomenon =

Currently we only release on Tuesday which make us less flexible with slip and timing for the go/nogo meetings.

To allow more flexibility we should allow releases on other days as well.

= implementation recommendation =

The proposal by pjones in the 2012-11-21 meeting:

"proposal: change our release policy such that releases must be on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, but always pick Tuesday by default unless there's a specific reason not to." sounds reasonable to me i.e prefer Tuesday but keep the option to release on Wednesday or Thursday.

Personally, I would rather not allow for slips of less than one week. I realize that we get into situations where 'one more day' would keep us from slipping another week but my concern is the craziness that this could turn into.

If we allow for slips of less than one week, we could end up in the situation where we have a constant "are we ready to ship today?" with all of the emails, status updates and rushing that entails. I wasn't around for the original decision of 1 week increments but I suspect that the decision was made to help prevent constant status updates and worrying about whether a release is ready.

1 week can seem rather inconvenient when we want to get something out the door but in my opinion, it's better than the potential added craziness of slipping day-by-day or the fun of deciding how long to wait during go/no-go. With the current system, if we're no-go, we slip a week and there's not much discussion about 'what if we had one more day?'. There were several occasions in F17 where the 'one more day' resulted in test case marathons that are rather rough on sanity levels for the people involved. This is one of the reasons why we moved go/no-go to Thursday after F17; so it wasn't possible to have the 'one more day'.

FESCo accepted the proposal on the 2012-11-28 meeting.

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