#945 Policies for spin-based systemd presets
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From ticket #936, there was:

A spin preset (or whatever they're called) sounds like a reasonable idea. We seem to have procedures and guidelines for distro-wide defaults now (file bugs against systemd); do we have anything for presets that are local to spins (e.g. what numeric precedence they get, what they're called, etc.)? If not, what needs to happen to create them?


This should be discussed, and a proposal brought forward.

CC'ing systemd maintainers

Who should take action here? Should FESCo co-operate with Spins creators?

For background, this feature: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PackagePresets

We want something like 80-fedora-cloud.preset, but how do we ensure that '80' is the right number, and that it's okay to use "fedora-cloud" as the name?

And, where should the contents of this file be stored and developed?

The argument for not having cloud-init on by default seems to apply equally well to any "fedora-cloud-release" rpm containing a preset which activates that package — all we've done is added a layer of complication for the same result (install a package, get services activated).

On the other hand, if we develop and distribute outside of RPM, how do we make it easy for people doing their own custom cloud images to get it?

Matt, could you contact fpc for that? I don't think fesco can help with this.

@mattdm was the contacting of FPC ever done? I don't remember an FPC ticket for it but there was a very large backlog of FPC tickets in the past three months.

Also, I think the FPC might consider this part of the grey area where they debate whether they should have ownership of it since it is very similar to whether services get started by default at all (which is now a list maintained by FESCo).

/me just trying to figure out where this ticket is at and where we need to go forward from here.

@mattdm -- Maybe we should close this fesco ticket and FPC can deal with it fresh when a draft is ready for them to look at?

@toshio: I think maybe this fell out of my attention span. I'd be happy for someone else to champion it. :)

I'm not sure exactly where the ruling was made (I can't find it anywhere), but we definitely have different Products carrying their own presets, so I'd say this has been resolved.

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