#872 F18 Feature: systemd unit cleanup and enhancement - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Systemd-unit-cleanup
Closed None Opened 10 years ago by rbergero.

For 2012-06-18 FESCo meeting.

-1 from me for the current scope of feature.

Comments to Scope:
* Add Documentation= field which will contain relevant man pages to already existing units
^ This should be discussed with FPC, but I don't see any value in specification of man pages in unit files. If someone is touching unit files, then he probably can find documentation too.

  • Remove various entries in units which are no longer necessary since they are systemd defaults for unit simplification
    ^ Sounds fine. It's just fixing bugs in unit files according to guidelines, isn't it?
  • Change PIDFile=/var/run/foo fields to point to PIDFile=/run/foo instead
    ^ Is it already in guidelines?
  • Drop any EnvironmentalFile= field in units that points to /etc/sysconfig/foo files
    ^ Hm, where should we put the configuration file? Could you point us to the guidelines?

This feature was not approved at the 2012-06-18 meeting.

Suggestion was made to approach FPC with guideline changes first.

As an FYI, I moved this feature page back to Category:FeaturePageIncomplete - if you want to move it forward after you resolve the discussions with FPC, just change the category to FeatureReadyForWrangler again.

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