#865 F18 Feature: DragonEgg - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/DragonEgg
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by rbergero.

For 2012-06-18 FESCo meeting.

If we are not speaking about default replacement of gcc defaults, then +1.

Adding the DragonEgg feature to Fedora will definitely not changing any defaults. DragonEgg provides software developers using Fedora with a new optional compiler back end, but if they don't add the GCC command line option to invoke DragonEgg, then there will be absolutely no change to GCC behavior.

It is not proposed or anticipated that any Fedora packages will be built using GCC/DragonEgg in the near future, just as we don't yet build any using Clang.

The purpose of making DragonEgg as a Fedora Feature is mainly to announce its availability in Fedora via the release notes, etc. In this sense the feature is perhaps conceptually similar to the Fedora MinGW feature, in that it is useful to software developers that use Fedora as their development platform, but is not intended for development of Fedora.

This Feature was approved at the 2012-06-18 meeting.

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