#854 Please ratify F18 schedule.

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I seeketh ratification!

Major schedule highlights can be seen here:

But just to break down the important stuff:

2012-07-17: Feature & Spins submission deadline
2012-07-31: Feature Freeze and Branching
2012-08-07: Alpha change deadline
2012-08-21: F18 Alpha release
2012-09-11: Features 100%, Beta change deadline
2012-09-25: F18 Beta release
2012-10-15: Final Change deadline
2012-10-30: F18 GA

Fine with me, +1.

I would like to note that this doesn't align very well with GNOME 3.6 release schedule [1]:

  • Fedora: Alpha change deadline 2012-08-21
  • GNOME: 3.5.90 beta release 2012-08-22

  • Fedora: Beta change deadline 2012-09-25

  • GNOME: 3.6.0 newstable release 2012-09-26

Doing the Fedora Alpha and Beta releases one week later would align better. I believe it would be beneficial for both Fedora and GNOME to include these milestones. Otherwise we risk shipping old GNOME releases, which makes the feedback from Fedora pre-release testers much less useful for developers -- a lot of the bugs that everybody runs into would already have been fixed in upstream.

[1] https://live.gnome.org/ThreePointFive

Okay, just going to throw this out as Schedule Option B, to address the GNOME schedule problem above. I'd prefer to ratify this ASAP, so if FESCo doesn't like option 1 (original), they can ratify option 2 (adjustments to accommodate GNOME schedule):
== F18 Option 2: ==
2012-07-24: Feature & Spins submission deadline
2012-08-07: Feature Freeze and Branching
2012-08-14: Alpha change deadline
2012-08-28: F18 Alpha release
2012-09-18: Features 100%, Beta change deadline
2012-10-02: F18 Beta release
2012-10-29: Final Change deadline
2012-11-06: F18 GA

+1 to Option 2
-1 to Option 1 based on the GNOME issues.

I'll also point out (sorry, those who already voted, but these are just logistical things):

  • LinuxCon Europe is Nov. 7-9, so (Gnome Option B) GA would land just before people are there. If we slip at all, which of course I know we won't (:D) then we have the possibility of having a number of folks being somewhat tied up. There may also be events colocated with LinuxCon Europe on Nov. 5/6.

  • Thanksgiving - Nov. 20. Ship on time, no problem. Slip more than 2 weeks (from the Option B gnome schedule), we run the risk of not being able to accomplish much during Thanksgiving week, possibly pushing us out to December 4. We've had 3-week slips in the past, staying on 10/30 for GA could work out better in the unlikely event of a 3-week slip.

The schedule for F18 - option 2 - is ratified by FESCo.

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