#801 Feature Freeze Exception: Thermostat
Closed None Opened 11 years ago by omajid.


I would like to request an exception for Thermostat:


This project was recently announced and open sourced at FOSDEM. I have packaged it up and posted a review request for it:


Once the package is approved, I would like to add it to Fedora 17.

You do not need a feature and feature exception for a package to be added to Fedora 17. You can add any new package that passes a review to released or branched Fedora releases through bodhi.

But I would like it to be a Feature, if at all possible. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Policy/Definitions notes something can be considered a feature if it provides "exciting new capabilities we can trumpet fedora having--some of this is good public relations" and is "noteworthy enough to call out in the release notes".

It could be for Fedora 18 possibly, but not Fedora 17, especially if it's not even reviewed now, a day after Feature Freeze.

That said, as stated above, you can certainly have it reviewed, and then build and issue updates for all supported releases. It just won't be in the F17 release notes.

Accepted for Feature Exception at 2012-02-13 FESCo meeting.

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