#8 For your next meeting: Do we really don't want Zope/Plone in Fedora?
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Please see this thread from fedora-devel:

Short version:
I volunteer to take the compat-python24, compat-zope and compat-plone packages from rpmfusion/livna into Fedora and maintain them; Provide a compat-python23 for legacy reasons. Also to provide additional python modules for the compat-python packages. I'm also thinking about a SIG.

Please note, that I have to do this to support my developers and my production infrastructure at work and I can do this in my private repository or in Fedora and share it with the community... I think sharing my work with the community is better solution, isn't it?

I either maintain packages in Fedora or in my private repository. I don't see any good reason to get in touch with another repository. Next time a package discussion starts someone will point me to ATrpms or whatever and in the end I'm going to maintain packages in 10 different places? No way!

However, FESCo once made the decision not to include compat-python packages into Fedora, and I think that was not a good decision, because it also kicked out Zope/Plone. This means that people have to use third party repositories or simply switch to Debian, because there it works out of the box. Most of my web developers used to do so. :-(
But I'm not going to maintain Debian in a production environment, but instead use Fedora or RHEL.

If FESCo thinks it would be better to have a compat-python within the Zope tree, that could also be achieved, but I'd like to mention, that this wouldn't be pretty (from a FHS point of view).

So long.

We discussed this in today's FESCo meeting, and voted against your proposal to include a compat-python24 in Fedora. We felt that nothing had changed since our original decision, and if anything the argument was even stronger for it's exclusion since it's been more than a year and a half and Zope/Plone is still dependent on python-2.4.

If you would like to review the full discussion we had on this, you can find the irc log here: http://bpepple.fedorapeople.org/fesco/FESCo-2008-10-15.html

OK. But this doesn't mean I cannot provide a Zope package with some python packaged inside. Right?

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