#704 F17 Feature: BTRFS default file system https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/F17BtrfsDefaultFs
Closed None Opened 11 years ago by rbergero.

For 2011-11-21 meeting.

Approved at the 2011/11/21 fesco meeting, subject to the same conditions as F16 - there should be a working fsck implementation and no relevant functional regressions compared to ext4.

I don't want to nitpick, but I was told by anaconda people they aren't ready for btrfs in F-17.

dlehman: Could you drop a line about state of btrfs support in anaconda? I was told GUI won't be ready before F-18. Do you have any bugzilla/trac, which could show the current state?

The current status of btrfs support in anaconda is as follows:

  • Anaconda should be capable of detecting any preexisting
    btrfs configurations.
  • Kickstart supports creating btrfs volumes and subvolumes,
    including multi-device volumes with various raid levels.
  • Automatic partitioning via kickstart now offers a btrfs
    variant to go along with lvm and plain partitions
    (these are mutually-exclusive).
  • There is currently no mechanism for exposing the btrfs
    variant of automatic partitioning in the interactive
  • There is currently no support for interactive editing of
    btrfs volumes or filesystems using anaconda's custom
    partitioning interface. No plans exist to implement this,
    given that a full-scale rewrite of the entire user
    interface is underway for F18.

This is all we have in the way of tracking:


Yeah btrfs isn't going to be the default for F17, I'm pushing it off till F18. I'm ok with the anaconda limitations for the F18 release.

Thanks for information.

I'll remove it from FeatureList and kick the page back to the FeaturePageIncomplete category, assuming that FESCo doesn't need to do any further approving of it not being a feature. :)

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