#677 FreeIPA in Fedora 16

Created 5 years ago by abbra
Modified 5 years ago

Package Name: freeipa
FAS Name of maintainer: rcrit, abbra

Reason for requesting a updates process exception:
FreeIPA in Fedora 16 is using SystemV init scripts while all components it manages have moved to systemd services. It makes FreeIPA impossible to configure on Fedora 16 due to changed way how services are called out for dirsrv and pki.

We have prepared patches on top of FreeIPA 2.1 that add support of systemd. However, this work commenced after Fedora 16 beta which means we are unable to push updated packages to updates due to change of init scripts method.

Therefore, we are asking for exception to allow integrating FreeIPA with systemd support to Fedora 16 past beta stage.

I must add that some of requirements for FreeIPA on F16 are currently in updates-testing, like 389-ds-base > 1.2.10.

This was approved at the 2011-10-17 FESCo meeting.

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  • AGREED: update exception for FreeIPA is approved (notting,

  • ACTION: sgallagh will handle bohi coordination for freeipa update
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