#652 Extension for the F-16 Aeolus Conductor feature
Closed None Opened 11 years ago by clalance.

One of the features proposed and accepted for Fedora-16 is Aeolus Conductor:


All required packages are now in rawhide. However, due to rawhide using rails 3, the current application does not fully work in rawhide. We have patches to the source code that make rails 3 mostly work, but they are not 100% complete.

This is a request for an extension for Aeolus Conductor to the July 26 feature freeze deadline. I expect working patches by the end of the week (July 29, 2011), and there are no dependencies on top of Aeolus Conductor that would be delayed/broken by granting this extension.

From the 2011-07-25 FESCo meeting:
* AGREED: extension granted

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