#602 meeting topic: Live CD's and Install Media's arch inconsistent
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= Proposal topic =

I understand that Red Hat and Fedora releases have a lot of history around the
architectural optimization in the "x86" space, complete with lots of
heated debate.

However, Fedora, with its current arch-optimizations, is starting to contradict
itself, even in its own name(s).

See http://fedoraproject.org/get-prerelease ... the Install Media download is
called "i386", but the Live CD is referred to as "i686". Surely the live CD
isn't arch-optimized differently from the release itself? If not, Fedora needs
to be consistent.

The arch-specific packages in the 32bit release all seem to end in "i686.rpm",
so I'm guessing that the answer is that "i686" is correct. However, it may be
more of an issue of intention or support. If the packages are intended for and
supported on a true i386 machine, then the Live CD references and ISO filenames
need to be renamed with "i386". If they aren't, and are intended only for a
i686 processor or greater, then the Install Media references and ISO filenames
need to be renamed with "i686". It's either one or the other, not both!

Fedora needs to be consistent.

Thoughts? Is this an item you could bring up at a FESCo meeting?

At the 2011-06-08 meeting we agreed to ask rel-eng to change the live media to 'i386' to be consistent everwhere.

This appears to have slipped through the cracks - nothing has happened so far.

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