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Consider current abrt setup and methods/suggestions for improvement.

There have been discussion threads on the devel list from maintainers unhappy with abrt or wishing changes. Collect those ideas here and have fesco act on them.
CC'ing the abrt maintainer here as well.

Will revisit in 2011 and ask abrt maintainers to provide a roadmap of things they are going to implement.

Will ask them for current roadmap for next week's meeting.

Are any of the abrt folks going to make it to FUDCon tempe?
If so, it might be good to run a session there about how to improve things...

I'll send out the roadmap soon (in few days) and the FUDCon talk also sounds like a good idea, will discuss it with my manager..


Please drop me (Robyn) a line to robyn.bergeron@gmail.com - and we can work out travel details if needed. Or ping me on irc (rbergeron)

An FYI that Jiri has been funded to come to FUDCon. His ticket is bought, and he's rooming with Jaroslav. Anything we can do in the way of making sure this goes to good use and that we follow up on as much ABRT stuff as possible during fudcon would be great.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to talk much abrt at fudcon, but I hope others did. ;)

Is there any kind of a roadmap or other document we could look at and help you prioritize from packages standpoint?

Hi, the roadmap can be found here:

I'll improve it today and during the weekend, so it should be ready for review before the next FESCo meeting.

We are going to look at revisiting this in a few months when abrt folks have had time to implement some of the suggestions. Thanks for the roadmap.

dvlasenk will update Abrt roadmap for F-16 and F-17.

Should we discuss it again or close it?

I think this ticket can be closed, the duplicate detection in ABRT improved a lot, now we have the [http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/ABRTBacktraceDeduplication deduplication server] and we're working on a server which should be the default target for reporting the problems caught by ABRT providing even better crash analysis and deduplication.

Closing. Please reopen with concrete suggestions if you have any.

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