#515 Investigate a "features" repo for stable releases
Closed None Opened 8 years ago by kevin.

We need to investiate a repo or method of handling updates that are not compatible with our update policy. Or decide such a means is not worth doing.

Christoph is going to investigate this and report back to us.

In contrast to the copr ideas (which are aimed at developers), this is aimed at end users.

Any further progress on writing up this?

Cwickert is going to try and write up a proposed wiki page on this for next week.
We had some discussion on implementation in the 2011-02-09 meeting.

removing meeting keyword for now.

This is something I am interested in happening and I would like to participate. If there is something I could help with, let me know.

No progress, if anyone else wants to take this proposal over, feel free to reopen.

For the record: I did not follow up on this idea because
it is really complicated (we not only features-updates and features-updates-stable but also two buildroot for them) and
the changes through (meanwhile no longer) 'new' updates policy are not as dramatic as I and many others thought. In fact, I like were we are now.

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