#507 Fast track unresponsive maintainer Chris Weyl
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Did you follow the first step in the process:

"Write email to fedora-devel list with the non responsive maintainer Cc'ed on the post. Explain why you think the fast track process is needed.
(Make sure and note any communication attempts done already)"

I didn't see that post, perhaps I missed it?

Oops. I did miss it. Sorry.

I believe Chris has longer free time from Fedora. I sent him email today, so we'll see.

We (perl SIG) tried to take care about his packages. But not everyone from perl SIG has permission to commit changes and he does own a lot of packages.

Chris promised to reply here, so please don't take any actions until he does so.

Hey all --

First, my apologies. This summer got out of hand -- in the last 6 months I've married, left my job of 14 years (voluntarily), moved to PDX, started a new job, bought a house, and... learned I'm 4 months from being a Dad.

As you can imagine, having 5 IRS-qualified "life events" and one pending one has somewhat involuntarily constrained my free time :)

I've been chatting back and forth with Marcela, and owe her and the entire Perl SIG massive thanks -- and several beverages of their choice should we happen to ever be in the same city at the same time -- for covering for me.

If FESCo is still amenable to having me around, here's my plan: I've opened infrastructure ticket #2514 to ask that all of "my" perl-* packages have Marcela and two others added as maintainers, with full ACL rights. If anyone else asks I'm more than happy to have them in there as well, I just haven't had a chance to ask the full Perl SIG yet. For other packages, if people are interested in them, I'll be extra-attentive to pkgdb ACL requests and grant them liberally. I'll take a pass through and triage any outstanding bugs over the holidays.

Ivancool, if you're interested in owning or co-maintaining eiciel, let me know -- or just file pkgdb ACL requests. Otherwise, I'll put that at the top of things to look at.

Sounds good to me Chris.

Shall we close this now, and if anything further comes up we can reopen or address it then? I'd also be happy to help grant people acls that need them in the event you are busy with other things. ;)

Closing now. Feel free to re-open if there's further action we should take or if someone needs access to a package when Chris is busy.

This hasn't worked out. The original reporter explicitly mentioned "eiciel", but that package hasn't shipped in a working state in Fedora 15. It crashes due to a GTK2/GTK3 conflict and also causes Nautilus to freeze.

If my pkgdb commit requests for eiciel could be approved, thank you in advance. I've prepared fixed packages already in git and koji, but need the commit access to release updates in bodhi, too.

If I remember correctly, the bug cited was resolved.

I've approved your ACL requests and orphaned the package, so you're free to take it over if you so desire.

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