#504 Which services should be on by default
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While working on the Systemd Packaging Draft, the issue of services which are enabled to be "on" by default came up.

We decided that FESCo should be the one to determine what the criteria is when a package is permitted to be enabled as a service by default.

In the interim, we will only document in the Systemd guidelines that services should be disabled by default (and how to do that in the package).

My undertanding of the meeting was slightly different:

16:07:03 <spot> mclasen proposed that Services in the default install should almost always be on by default (because they are needed for a working system, which is why they are in the default install).
16:07:32 <tibbs|h> We never defined any of that for the old initscript guidelines, did we?
16:07:43 <spot> Nope, but it wouldn't hurt to have that clarification here.
16:08:48 <rdieter> though... decisions about default services issue feels a bit out of place in packaging guidelines
16:08:58 <limburgher> Is there a list of the services that are allowed to be on by default?
16:09:06 <spot> limburgher: not that i know of.
16:09:35 <spot> rdieter: we could ask FESCo to make that decision
16:09:39 <limburgher> spot: Hmm. Wish there was, along with how one gets something on that list. I assume that's a FESCO decision.
16:09:41 <spot> and simply document it
16:09:55 <limburgher> spot: nods
16:09:56 <rdieter> spot: nod, that should be their call
16:10:04 <geppetto> spot: So I think we've got a problem where we've been very lax with dbus activated services … but I think mclasen is thinking "is installed" and not just "in @base"
16:10:20 <spot> okay, so i'll open a FESCo ticket for that
16:10:22 <tibbs|h> Honestly, I'd just leave the default enabled case out and concentrate on what the vast majority of packages will need to do.
16:11:00 <limburgher> tibbs|h: Agreed.
16:11:03 <geppetto> IMO almost all services should be off by default, but then anaconda can enable some/most/all things it installs.
16:11:15 <geppetto> But, that's probably harder... :(
16:11:26 <spot> okay, we can do that for now, and if FESCo wants the default-on case documented in more detail, we can.

What I got out of that was that we (fpc) would document how to package for the default case of services being off when installed and punt the issue of what constitutes a service that should turn on when installed for a later time unless FESCo wants us to document that now.

We decided at the 2010-12-01 meeting:

Default is off, exceptions exist to allow proper functioning of the os. FPC to document exceptions and process exception requests.

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