#503 Robotics Spin a Feature?
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= Proposal topic =

Need FESCo to decide how this particular feature page should be handled--should it be a "feature of Fedora 15:

I initially moved it to the spins category on the wiki and then received this email from Tim (quoted in its entirety with Tim's permission):

"I have seen that you moved the feature proposal to the spins process. You were probably not aware of it, but we have started both processes. We realize it is a spin, but we would like to make it a feature, because it is pretty much an effort that can benefit F-15 within the robotics community, and because it gets more attention on a release. Additionally, we were told that the spins SIG is pretty much dead, making it unclear of if, how, and when the process can be completed.

So can we keep this as a F-15 feature?"

Normally I would have argued as the feature wrangler that this particular page doesn't fit our existing process or policies, but given the concerns raised by Tim about the fate of the Spins process and SIG, I'm bringing this issue before FESCo to decide if it is a feature or not.

We decided at the 2010-12-01 meeting to defer this until we know more about the fate of the spins sig.

In light of the uncertainty surrounding the spins sig, we'd like to modify our proposal to make it easier to move forward.

We're changing our feature from the Fedora Robotics Spin to the Fedora Robotics Suite (we will update the feature proposal in the next day or so.) In the same vein as the design suite or the electronics lab, we'd like to create our own comps group for robotics, and generate some documentation highlighting the features of the suite (one draft: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Rmattes/Robotics). Once the spins process is worked out, we'll generate our Robotics LiveCD as a separate, but related effort.

Would this be more appropriate for a feature?

Sure, sounds good.

Shall we close this and you can go thru the regular feature process and we will discuss it when the feature page is ready?

Yes. I will move and update the feature page tomorrow and put it into the appropriate category again.

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