#474 Package Criteria 'upgradepath' not clear
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= Proposal topic =

The AutoQA team is automating the 'upgradepath' test of the https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Package_update_acceptance_criteria. Kamil Paral has identified several situations where it isn't entirely clear how 'upgradepath' should be handled. In addition, Kamil has outlined several problems with different solutions.

The AutoQA team would like to raise awareness of the problems, and seek guidance on how to incorporate ''updates-testing'' when testing ''upgradepath''.

To summarize...
1. Testing the base + updates repos seems rather straightforward (and is the common repo configuration). This is already implemented with the current ''upgradepath'' test, and seems to be functioning properly
2. How to include and test for ''updates-testing'' isn't clear, for the following reasons ...
1. Problem #1: What is the desired repo set?
2. Problem #2: Removing repositories (--disablerepo=updates-testing)
3. Problem #3: Unpushing packages

= Overview =

For details, see https://fedorahosted.org/pipermail/autoqa-devel/2010-September/001189.html

= Problem space =

Reach consensus on how the ''updates-testing'' repository should be considered when validating a package for ''upgradepath''

= Owners =

  • AutoQA team

We agreed in the 2010-10-12 meeting that we should not consider updates-testing at this time. Just don't test for it at this point.

Apologies for the ticket necro but I was about to link to this and found out that the link for details doesn't work. The following link is the same information referenced in the ticket description.


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