#471 FPC Draft for Ratification
Closed None Opened 13 years ago by spot.

Please note: While it is no longer required that FESCo ratify all Fedora Packaging Committee drafts, any FPC member can request that FESCo ratify a draft before it is written into the Packaging Guidelines.

In accordance with this policy, FPC requests that FESCo review https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/RPM_Source_Dir and either ratify it or return it to the FPC with comments.

Please note that there was some discussion in the corresponding FPC ticket:

Would next weeks meeting be ok to discuss this?

We could also try voting here in ticket, but we have a poor trac record of doing that.

From the perspective of the FPC, next week's meeting is fine.

FESCo approved this draft at the 2010-09-28 meeting.

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