#468 Evaluate incomplete Fedora 14 Features
Closed None Opened 12 years ago by poelstra.

Hello Fesco,

The following feature pages are not at 100% as expected at this point in the release process. I'm sending another reminder to devel-announce now.

We need a clear decision no later than 2010-09-21 as to whether these features should remain on the feature list so that we can adequately prepare the release announcement for the Fedora 14 Beta.

https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/D_Programming (yes, a mere technicality at 99% done)

Thank you,

All these features are at 100% except:


FESCo agreed that they should all be set to 100% and any non finished work can be done in a followup feature later.

These pages have not been updated. Is someone coordinating page updates with the owners or ... ?

I was going to do this, but have been swamped.
If someone else can that would be great, if not, I will do so tomorrow.

I've mailed the D_Programming and GNUStep feature owners.
I don't see any reason why they can't be marked at 100%

Will keep this open to track that.

All these should be fixed now.

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