#457 Bodhi changes for FESCo input
Closed None Opened 9 years ago by kevin.

Luke has several tickets that are pending fesco review and input:


We should review these and determine if they should be scrapper, implemented or modified.

'''+-0''' 181 Negative karma comments should require bugzilla numbers: Although I like this (because of e.g. [https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/midori-0.2.7-1.fc14 this update]) I'm afraid it will lower the overall feedback dramatically.

'''+1''' 276 Negative karma should block being pushed to stable

'''+1''' 294 Notes should not be described as optional in New Update Form

'''+1''' 277 Submitter should not be able to raise karma

(Note: I won't be able to make it for the meeting tonight, so I vote here)

not approved:

negative karma requires bugzilla entry
negative karma blocks push to stable.


notes should not be described as optional
submitter should not be able to add or remove karma from an update they submitted.

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