#455 gupnp-dlna bundled library exception
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= Proposal topic =

gupnp-dlna Review Request https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=617141

= Overview =

It temporarily contains a bundled gstreamer helper library until the relevant code is included upstream. Relevant upstream bug is https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=625944

= Problem space =

Bundled library exception for a temporary inclusion until the code is in gstreamer. Fedora regularly and actively updates the gstreamer releases in all current Fedora releases throughout the lifecycle of the release so we should get the update shortly after release.

= Solution Overview =

Bundle the code until a release of gstreamer that contains it hits fedora.

= Active Ingredients =

rygel is affected. rygel is a pnp/dlna media server/renderer allowing people to play media contained on their Fedora install using their PnP or DLNA enabled TV/Media Player/Internet Radio etc. This will stop us from shipping the gnome 2.32 supported 0.8 release within F-14

= Owners =


adding packaging folks for comment here.

My inclination is to have this either wait on gstreamer, or have gstreamer push updates containing a patch from the upstream which enables the necessary support.

Adding gstreamer maintainer here for comment.
Will revisit next week.

I commented inside the linked bug. Short version: This "bundling" sounds perfectly fine to me and is the way things should work.

This exception was approved. Please note the new bundled libs page that has you Provides: bundled(libname) and make sure and add that.

Also, this needs to be added to the exceptions there.

Toshio/Spot/Tibbs: Could one of you add this to the exceptions list?
Do you need any further info from us to do so?

Can you file this over on the FPC trac now?


We are having FPC handle bundled library requests now. Thanks.

I'll note this has been commited upstream and should be in the next release of gstreamer-plugins-base and so can stop being bundled then.

Just to update this that as of gupnp-dlna 0.5.0 (building for rawhide atm) the bundled library is not longer. rpm SPEC updated accordingly.

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