#415 Provenpackager request: dmalcolm
Closed None Opened 12 years ago by dmalcolm.

= Full Name =
David Hugh Malcolm

= Qualifications =

I've been maintaining RPM packages within Fedora on-and-off since 2004, and the "python" package for the last 9 months.

= Rationale =

I will be performing a mass rebuild of python packages as part of
and thus need access to approximately 1200 rpms.

Mailed off to sponsors for feedback/votes. ;)

I'm also +1.

There is also several more + votes on the sponsors list.

Will keep this open to wait for the next week for any vetos/-1 votes...

I'm very much +1 on this.

+1 (and I must add I'm impressed with the status updates we've been getting on fedora-devel-list.)

ok, only lots of positive votes here and on the list, and it's now been a week.

approving. Congrats!

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