#345 Dependency chain painpoints
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= Proposal topic =

Dep chain requirements are very gnome specific and unforgiving of non-gnome users.

= Overview =

Some meetings we've had with the spins group as part of the SWG board subgroup showed that a common pain point is the dep changes that pull gnome packages in. We weren't sure about the technical problems or any possible solutions

= Problem space =

When the spins make CDs and things, they often have to rely on comps for things. Some dep chains are pretty crazy, the example given in our SWG meeting was system-config-keyboard

= Solution Overview =

We have no idea, but since it was a common pain point we wanted to make sure to present it to FESCo for discussion.

= Active Ingredients =

This would probably impact whoever controls comps the most and possibly the packagers of some of those core packages.

= Owners =

I'll own it but I might pass it off to a spin maker since it actually impacts them, I'm more of a messenger.

Yeah, this is indeed a PITA. I think cwickert may be a good candidate to own this. Alternatively, I could own it, too.

FWIW, my personal worst offender is firstboot depending on metacity.

I'm willing to take this over, maybe kkofler and nirik can help since they also maintain a non-GNOME desktop.

I'm happy to help. I guess the first step is identifying what these are, then we can look at solutions for each?

Do we need to discuss this at a meeting? Or perhaps Cwickert would be willing to write up a specific list and we can brainstorm at a meeting after that?

I'm quite happy to help out as well. I've been slowly reducing large deps in the gnome stack over the last couple of years for Fedora Mini, Sugar, Moblin etc.

Replying to [comment:4 kevin]:
Or perhaps Cwickert would be willing to write up a specific list and we can brainstorm at a meeting after that?

I will write a list for the next FESCO meeting.

Any news on a list/discussion here?
Should we add it to the next meeting or defer further?

Any further movement here? Let me know if it should make the next meething or not.

Replying to [comment:11 kevin]:

Any news here?

I have a series of patches for the comps to help reduce dependencies. I'm still looking as it seems the standard F-14 gnome desktop requires +4Gb (it won't install on my eeePC 901) where F-13 I could install gnome/moblin/sugar in that space and have nearly a gig to spare. Do I attach the comps patches here for review?

I would say file a bug on comps in bugzilla:


And then optionally post to the devel list asking for comment?

I would be interested in seeing the chain pain you are alluding to. I have some myself, e.g.

anaconda -> tigervnc-server -> perl

keeps perl on the livecd, blowing it up beyond cd size.

I have started filing bugs on some easy and less controversial deps. I suggest to track everything in bugzilla through the tracker bug at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=depchain

If there is anything for FESCo to discuss, please reopen.

I don't think there is anything that FESCo can do here. All we can do is decide by case.

So if anybody spots a weird dependency, please make sure to let it block https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=depchain for tracking.

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