#336 Fedora Packaging Committee items for ratification (2009-02-03)

Created 7 years ago by toshio
Modified 7 years ago

Two items from teh FPC's 2009-02-03 meeting were approved:

The clarification of what is a bundled library/should wordpress have an exception was discussed and a recommendation on part of the issue was given. The harder portion will be discussed more on the list and at next week's meeting.

Python Guidelines were discussed and voting started. Two +1s and one -1 were given before networking issues broke up the meeting. This will be taken to the mailing list and I'll update this ticket if they're approved: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/Python3

Thanks in advance.

Python Guidelines were successfully passed on the mailing list. Here's the list of three items that have been passed:

Alll of these guideline changes were approved at the 2010-02-09 meeting.

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