#3189 Change: Change Compose Settings
Closed: Accepted a month ago by zbyszek. Opened 2 months ago by amoloney.

This is a proposal for upgrading systems which produce composes to createrepo_c > 1.0 and changing some options used to create Fedora repositories metadata. Note that some of these changes are inevitable due to createrepo_c >= 1.0 behavioral change. We aim to change both Rawhide/F41, then move all following releases to the new settings, while preserving most of the current settings for releases <= 40.

Owners, do not implement this work until the FESCo vote has explicitly ended.
The Fedora Program Manager will create a tracking bug in Bugzilla for this Change, which is your indication to proceed.
See the FESCo ticket policy and the Changes policy for more information.

REMINDER: This ticket is for FESCo members to vote on the proposal. Further discussion should happen in the devel list thread linked above.

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