#2974 Change: EC2 AMIs default to the gp3 EBS volume type
Closed: Accepted 10 months ago by kevin. Opened 11 months ago by bcotton.

In Amazon EC2, Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes can be one of several types. These can be specified at volume creation time, including for the default volumes that are created on instance launch. An AMI will have default volumes and volume types configured. Fedora currently defaults to the gp2 volume type. This proposal is to switch to gp3 as the default volume type for Fedora. The gp3 volume type is both more flexible than gp2, and can be up to 20% cheaper per GB.

Owners, do not implement this work until the FESCo vote has explicitly ended.
The Fedora Program Manager will create a tracking bug in Bugzilla for this Change, which is your indication to proceed.
See the FESCo ticket policy and the Changes policy for more information.

REMINDER: This ticket is for FESCo members to vote on the proposal. Further discussion should happen in the devel list thread linked above.

I'd like to see the change note/explain that this also requires replacing the current old fedimg infrastructure service with a new service.

Otherwise +1, I am all for it.

It tuns out that it's faily easy to adjust fedimg to do this, so I retract that conditional. :)

Thank you for working on this, and for writing up a clear Change proposal that adequately explains it to those of us who do not spend much time with our heads in the public clouds.


After a week, the vote is
APPROVED (+5,0,-0)

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