#2938 Change: Noto CJK Variable Fonts
Closed: Accepted 7 days ago by zbyszek. Opened 21 days ago by bcotton.

Switch the default Noto CJK fonts for Chinese, Japanese and Korean from static to variable fonts.

Owners, do not implement this work until the FESCo vote has explicitly ended.
The Fedora Program Manager will create a tracking bug in Bugzilla for this Change, which is your indication to proceed.
See the FESCo ticket policy and the Changes policy for more information.

I do not pretend to understand any part of how font rendering works, but I trust that the Change owner does. :sweat_smile: +1

After a week, the vote is
APPROVED (+3,0,-0)

Metadata Update from @bcotton:
- Issue tagged with: pending announcement

13 days ago

Metadata Update from @zbyszek:
- Issue untagged with: pending announcement
- Issue close_status updated to: Accepted
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

7 days ago

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