#2908 Change: Add Fedora Auto Firstboot Services to desktop variants
Closed: Accepted 9 months ago by dcantrell. Opened 9 months ago by bcotton.

Add fedora-autofirstboot to desktop variants to run a predetermined set of tasks on first boot after post installation, notably installing codecs and cleaning up installer packages from the installed system.

Owners, do not implement this work until the FESCo vote has explicitly ended.
The Fedora Program Manager will create a tracking bug in Bugzilla for this Change, which is your indication to proceed.
See the FESCo ticket policy and the Changes policy for more information.

Sorry I'm late on this one. I've shared my thoughts in https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/JAGJ6BYIRJLONNCZF2IQZRWUGWVOYA5F/.

As current Silverblue/Kinoite maintainer I don't think this is a good idea as currently implemented.

After a week, the vote is
APPROVED (+5,0,-0)

Metadata Update from @bcotton:
- Issue tagged with: pending announcement

9 months ago

As it is currently implemented, this change goes against the idea of https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/OstreeNativeContainerStable which has also been accepted for Fedora 38.

Could we discuss the applicability of this change for Silverblue/Kinoite? Maybe we should consider reducing the scope of this change to non-Silverblue/Kinoite while we figure out a solution for those.

Metadata Update from @dcantrell:
- Issue close_status updated to: Accepted
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

9 months ago

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