#2899 Change: Reproducible builds: Clamp build mtimes to $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
Closed: Accepted a year ago by churchyard. Opened a year ago by bcotton.

The %clamp_mtime_to_source_date_epoch RPM macro will be set to 1. When an RPM package is built, mtimes of packaged files will be clamped to $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH which is already set to the date of the latest %changelog entry. As a result, more RPM packages will be reproducible: The actual modification time of files that are e.g. modified in the %prep section or built in the %build section will not be reflected in the resulting RPM packages. Files in RPM packages will have mtimes that are independent of the time of the actual build.

Owners, do not implement this work until the FESCo vote has explicitly ended.
The Fedora Program Manager will create a tracking bug in Bugzilla for this Change, which is your indication to proceed.
See the FESCo ticket policy and the Changes policy for more information.

Some people seem not to like this. I obviously want to do it, so technically, I am +1, but if the consensus is that this is a bad thing, I am not going to die on this hill.

I think reproducible builds are an important goal. After reading and considering the devel thread (including the comments from those not fully convinced), I still think this is a reasonable step in that direction.


I thought we already had this enabled, but I might be confusing this with another "clamp" feature of RPM ... so +1

+1 (I love reproducible builds!)

This had (+5, 0, -0) as of the seven-day mark, so this is APPROVED.

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