#282 Revised F10 final updates push date

Created 7 years ago by jwboyer
Modified 7 years ago

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I set the final F10 push date for Dec 14th, however there is a large outage for pretty much everything scheduled to moved to the new data center that conflicts with that.

I am proposing to move the final push date back to Dec 11 2009, which would be the day before the outage begins.

Please vote on this in the ticket if possible, so I can send out another email with a revised date. Package maintainers will need to be updated as soon as possible.

I am in favor of moving it to december 11th.

We will keep the auto-closing of all Fedora 10 bugs to December 17, 2009.

+1 kill it on dec 11th

+1 to last F10 push on Dec 11

+1 for December 11th.

Looks like that's already 5 +1 votes, but in any case:
+1 here too, we obviously can't do the last push in the middle of an outage. ;-)

OK, thanks for the votes. I have sent a revised announcement to fedora-devel-announce.

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