#280 Compose of fixed LXDE spin images
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= Proposal topic =

After the LXDE spin was withdrawn due to a [http://www.christoph-wickert.de/blog/2009/11/18/fedora-12-lxde-spin-images-are-broken/ serious error], we now need to compose new images.

= Overview =

The problems were fixed 2 days later. For the new images we need
* the [https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/menu-cache-0.2.6-1.fc12 menu-cache-0.2.6 update] and
* [http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=spin-kickstarts.git;a=commit;h=6db3bb40bd0a3614b54d3852f1d8ee7c04bdea0e this commit] to the kickstart file.

= Problem space =

From what repos do we compose the new images?

= Solution Overview =

  1. From 'Everything' plus everything from 'updates'
  2. From 'Everything' and only take menu-cache-0.2.6 from 'updates'
  3. Take some selected packages from 'updates' e.g latest PackageKit

As the spin owner I prefer solution 2.

= Active Ingredients =

rel-eng, websites

= Owners =


I think #2 is best. However, we need to make sure we have that exact src.rpm also available. Perhaps we could just stick it in the same directory as the spin with an extra note in the readme thats where it's available from?

I think that option 2 is likely the best here, +1 to that.

Can other FESCo members please vote such that we can get this off the ground quickly, being that the meeting today was cancelled and the meeting next week is also cancelled.


I agree. Option #2 is the sanest.

I understand that a new lxde-settings-daemon package is currently being tested, which should really fix the problem instead of working around it? That would obviously be a nice thing to have too...

Given that:
* option 2 is the least risky,
* it is the least surprising (users probably expect the images to reflect the release as closely as possible) and
* it is the preference of the spin owner
I vote another +1 to option 2.

Of course it's somehow suboptimal not to include all the updates, but they are a moving target anyway, so pulling in the minimum changes to make the spin work (i.e. option 2) sounds like the better plan (as compared to 1). As for option 3, it is well-meaning, but it's hard to decide which updates to include ("Why this update and not this other one?") and it leads to an untested combination (we can't test all possible combinations of selective updates).

Replying to [comment:3 dwmw2]:

I understand that a new lxde-settings-daemon package is currently being tested, which should really fix the problem instead of working around it?

[https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/lxde-settings-daemon lxde-settings-daemon 0.4.1] does '''not''' fix the problem, so no need to wait for another update. The requirements are still the same as described at the beginning of this ticket.

Ping? I really need a decision and new images ASAP. Thanks.

I'll vote for option #2, provided that the source RPM is included in the torrent as well. Spot, would that cover our requirements?

+1 to option2 with the caveat mentioned by notting.

option 2 is fine by me

+1 for numero dos.

It was noted that the update to menu-cache is an unrelated security update; it is not required to fix the crash on login. Does that change people's opinions?

(It makes me more likely to suggest just respinning with the kickstart fix.)

yes, if we don't need the new pkg then we respin it with just the kickstart fix.

Are you sure it's not needed? cwickert?

Yes I am, please read the discussion in bodhi I linked in the initial comment.

my vote then is: spin with just the ks change. No updated packages.

Dear FESCO members, what do you think now?

The menu-cache update is not absolutely necessary for the spin, but I wanted to have it in because according to upstream it's a security update and I didn't want to ship a spin with a potential vulnerability. I doubt it actually is a security problem (as outlined in [https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/menu-cache-0.2.6-1.fc12 the update I linked]) and we also ship the old PackageKit, so this is not much different. I should have been more clear about this, sorry, but for me it was obvious from the links.

Please vote about shipping the spin with just the fix to the ks. And please vote ASAP because there are people waiting for that spin. So far we have the votes of kevin and skvidal.

+1 for respinning with only the kickstart fix.

+1 to the respin with the ks fix only

+1 to respin with ks fix only.

+1 for respining with only a ks change. this ensures we dont need to do any tricks for the changed packages SRPM since we point people to the Everything release source tree for spins.

+1 for whatever everyone else decides on. I really don't care. Not even sure why we're being asked how a spin has to be made, to be honest. I think the maintainer of the spin should do what they feel delivers the best spin.

Images are online now. Thanks everybody and especially Jesse for composing them.

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