#2721 F36 Change: DIGLIM
Opened a month ago by bcotton. Modified 8 hours ago

Digest Lists Integrity Module (DIGLIM) provides a repository of file digests from authenticated sources, such as RPM headers, to be used by kernel services for remote attestation and/or secure boot at application level.

This change needs to be tweaked to indicate that it'll only be implemented once the kernel features are merged into mainline Linux. Once that is done, we can accept this.

For now, -1 to prevent auto-accept.

The discussion on the mailing list is still active.

It's been 5 days since the last message on the mailing list thread (and that was a tangent to the proposal). Tagging for meeting.

Metadata Update from @bcotton:
- Issue tagged with: meeting

12 days ago

It has been more than two weeks since there was any discussion on this topic on the list. Since many questions about it remain unanswered, I'm voting -1 for F36.

Hi Stephen

sorry, I didn't notice there are still questions not answered. If you please give me a reference of those, I will try to answer.

I will probably join the FESCo meeting this evening for more discussions.

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