#2713 F36 Change: Make Rescue Mode Work With Locked Root
Opened a month ago by bcotton. Modified 6 hours ago

Fedora defaults to locking the root account, which is needed by single-user mode. This Change uses sulogin --force so the password request is bypassed under this circumstance.

As discussed on the mailing list, I very much agree that we have a problem and the tooling we currently have is user-unfriendly and not helpful at all. The issue has been known for a long time and has slowly been becoming more of a problem as people use a user account + privilege escalation to do administrative tasks instead of logging in as root. Nevertheless, the proposed solution is just taking the easiest way out instead of figuring out how to resolve the problem without creating a regression.


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a month ago

This issue will be discussed during today's meeting.

This was discussed during today's FESCo meeting:
ACTION: zbyszek to set up a meeting with Change owners to discuss alternative approaches

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14 days ago

@zbyszek has there been any movement here?

We starting discussing this internally, but we want Lennart's input. He's on leave currently, but should be back in February.

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